• cute kitten in a santa hat

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    10 Cute Kittens in Santa Hats

    1. Cute kitten in a Santa hat I love this kitten with the green eyes the best. What do you think? Here are our favourite 10 really cute kitties dressed for Christmas in Santa hats and Santa suits… Vote for your favourite or add your own to the list. 2. Cute kitten with bull dog […]

  • Cute-Cat-in-Blue-Jeans


    Cute or What? You Decide!

    CuteorWhat shares cute + not so cute stuff from around the web to make you smile, make you sad or make you mad! There’s plenty more like this cute kitten over at Keep up-to-date with all our latest posts, news updates, competitions and more direct to your email inbox when you subscribe to our […]

  • cats with style

    Cats With Style! (Open list) (1 submission)

    1. This cat certainly knows how to dress He looks like he (looks like a he) will be snug as a bug for the winter in this designer styled fur trimmed jacket. Lets see if we an find a few more cats with style for this list.

  • baby-donkey


    Dizzy Donkey Does the Rounds

    This adorable very active 2 week old baby miniature Donkey just loves life and running so much that I got dizzy just watching it run rings around it’s mum who’s just chilling – wearing her fly mask BTW to keep pests away from her face. They are in an enclosed area as he is just […]

  • plumber goes above and beyond duty


    Plumber Goes Above (Below) & Beyond Duty

    When faced with a broken pipe that needed fixing, this plumber did not hesitate to get down and dirty to fix the problem. In his own words “Somebody had to do it!” If you think this plumber went above below and beyond the call of duty share this post and vote him up below the […]

  • super-sonic1

    Super Sonic Colt Foal

    Longacres Super Sonic colt foal born 16/4/14 by Longacres Samara Fly out of Longacres Trendy B Cute or What? We think Cute! Here’s a few more pics of this stunning foal.

  • ollie-shot1

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    Hitman paid £4 to execute a dog with a shotgun

    1-year old Ollie survived being blasted with a shotgun and thrown in a river by a Croatian ‘dog hitman’ who charges to execute unwanted pets. A Croatian dog-owner who was unwilling to pay the vet’s £30 euthanasia fee paid a hitman who allegedly paid just £4 to have his pet dog Ollie shot and dumped […]

  • GBR-riders-hero

    GB Riders Dominate All 3 Equine Olympic Disciplines

    British break records with world number one slots in all three Olympic disciplines Pictured above from left: Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, leaders of the FEI World Individual Dressage Rankings; Scott Brash, world number one on the Longines Rankings, aboard Ursula XII; and William Fox-Pitt, who tops the FEI World Eventing Athlete Rankings, pictured here at […]

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