Hitman paid £4 to execute a dog with a shotgun

1-year old Ollie survived being blasted with a shotgun and thrown in a river by a Croatian ‘dog hitman’ who charges to execute unwanted pets.

ollie-shot1A Croatian dog-owner who was unwilling to pay the vet’s £30 euthanasia fee paid a hitman who allegedly paid just £4 to have his pet dog Ollie shot and dumped in river. It is not clear why the dog owner no longer wanted Ollie, but rather than rehome him or pay the vet to humanely put him to sleep, Ollie’s callous owner had him blasted with a shotgun before being plunged into a fast flowing river in his hometown of Croatia.

Luckily for Ollie he was spotted floating downstream by a man out fishing with his young son moments after they heard the shotgun blast. When they fished him out of the icy waters the dog was in a bad way, but after being taken to a local animal shelter he received emergency surgery, paid for by a kind-hearted local, to remove all the shot puncturing his head and legs and we’re pleased to say Ollie is expected to survive.

Renamed Lucky, he is being cared for at the shelter where he will remain until he’s fully recovered, which it is expected could take a couple of months, after which it is likely he will be adopted as offers to rehome him are flooding in from far and wide.

In the meantime the dog’s owner and the hitman have both been arrested after the fisherman spotted the hitman loading his gun into a car further down the river and got his licence plate. The pair each now face up to a year in jail for this despicable deed, especially as local animal workers believe the hitman could be behind several other recent pet killings.

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