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Baby Elephant Beco Plays

This has to be the most adorable baby elephant video we’ve ever seen! Watch Beco the baby elephant showing off his impressive water polo skills in this video of him having fun with a shiny red ball and splashing around in his paddling pool at the Columbas Zoo on his 5th birthday! What do you think happens when an elephant stands on a ball? Well you’ll need to watch the video to find out. Beco’s definitely having fun though and we’re sure you will too when you watch this baby elephant’s antics with his ball in the water.

Despite Beco’s numerous attempts to squash his ball, it proves baby elephant proof and repeatedly escapes from beneath Beco’s heavy feet. It’s a hilarious merry-go-round with well chosen music (Monkeys Spinning Monkeys Kevin Macleod) that only enhances the entertainment value.

Beco’s impressive water polo skills have improved since he got his first ball to play with when he was just a few months old. Below we’ve got an earlier video from 2009 of this adorable Asian baby elephant romping with a 2-foot round blue plastic ball almost as big as himself. Boomer balls are commonplace in zoos today, adding variety and exercise to the animals lives and helping to encourage their natural behaviors. Baby elephants love to run around and play. Beco’s Boomer ball that enrichment has the added benefit that it also gives his mom Phoebe a break from looking after 600 pounds of bouncing baby elephant energy 24/7.

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