RIP Ziggy My Dog in a Million

Ziggy – God love him – died yesterday 15th April 2014 at the age of 13.

I am in bits at the loss of my much loved Jack Russell, Ziggy. RIP Ziggy. Rosie, my other Jack Russell x Lakeland is also missing her friend Ziggy. Cute or What may not be the place for a shameless tribute to a much loved pet but as I own the website I don’t care.

Below are a few more photos of my lovely Ziggy in his prime at 6 years of age in our garden at the Stables. He loved this garden, so it is only right that he is buried in a lovely spot in his own garden. Ziggy I will love you and will never forget you and the pleasure you gave me for the last 13 years. My little shadow you were never far away from me and will be in my heart always.

RIP Ziggy

RIP Ziggy

Ziggy Jack Russell

Ziggy Jack Russell

Ziggy Cute or What?

Ziggy Cute or What

Ziggy Love You xxx


We’d love it if you would also take the time to rate the photos of Ziggy, taken by my son GP. The other dog in one of the photos is Rosie. We may give Rosie her a post of her own soon as we think she is also very cute.

What do you think?

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